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Getting you back in the driving seat


The world of Car Financing is often full of cumbersome procedures, lengthy forms and waiting around.  However, with Finance Link, we like simple.  Easy to use forms and no mysterious waiting around.


And we mean really fast.  If you have your information at the ready, our online form can be completed in a matter of minutes.


Buying a car is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly.  Here at Finance Link, we take our time to understand your needs and we make our process as transparent as possible.


Financing Options

Car finance is a common and popular way to spread the cost of buying a vehicle, and you can arrange it for both new and used cars. Having car finance means that instead of paying everything upfront, you can divide the cost into affordable monthly payments that are much more achievable.

Here at Finance Link, we try to make car finance simple. By searching our large panel of lenders, we do all the hard work for you and always aim to get the best product for each individual customer.

Some lenders we work with offer no deposit car finance. We compare different rates and arrangements with our Lenders to find a car loan for you.

Whether you have a chequered past or excellent credit history, we'll do our best to find you a suitable finance option and get you in your new car in no time at all. Apply today, without impacting your credit score, to see if you’re eligible.


Who we are

Our approach to lending is underpinned by our focus on achieving a great customer experience, this is achieved by getting our clients in their new vehicle swiftly, with an affordable monthly payment at a competitive rate.

A large part of our approval decision is based on assessing how much a customer can afford to spend on a finance repayment each month, and this ensures that our customers are comfortable with their finance agreement.

Our expert team are committed to providing a service to meet the changing needs of our customers.




Need to talk?

If you need to talk to us, please get in touch with our customer care team below.  They will be able to direct your enquiry to the relevant department.

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